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Bridget Mayfield

Bridget's Galleries
My motto is ‘do what you love, love what you do’. Expressing my creativity is one way I tangibly bring this motto to life. My creative outlets include pottery, up-scaling rusty junk into welded art pieces and photography.

Two years ago, I joined the online photography group 52Frames to take my photographic interest to the next level. 52Frames consists of over 500 photographers worldwide who are given a single mission: to participate every week with a new photographic challenge designed to stimulate creativity, expand expertise, and refine their personal voice. Each week brings a new learning opportunity with the critiquing of your photo by others and others critiquing of my photo. Growth through sharing and listening has made me a photographer who is always searching for ways to find the perfect light and composition to tell a story.

In addition to being a wedding, portrait and art photographer, I’m a full-time software programmer for a higher education software and consulting company. I’m the mother of a photogenic and patient student at Cheney Middle School and wife to a very supportive man. My family lives in the Cheney area, close to nature and close to town too.

I’m also a member of Spokane Women on the Fly, a group of women dedicated to sharing the joys of fly fishing with other women in the area. You will often find me out on rivers and lakes throughout the region searching for fish caught on a fly.

Thanks so much!

Bridget Mayfield
509.235.5900 (home) / 509.230.2143 (mobile) bridget@pescadolago.com
webpage: https://pescadolagostudios.smugmug.com/
Instagram: @bridget_pescadolagostudios

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